Film Screenplay Loglines

LOVE AT FIRST NIGHT // FEATURE // romantic drama // inspired by true events

WGAW 1884058

After a whirlwind weekend, a young woman has a tragic and tumultuous love affair with her best friend's dashing but emotionally crippled cousin.

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WGAW 2002855

Frustrated by her marriage to an emotionally abusive husband, a young mother is drawn to a work colleague, who in turn agonizes over his own loveless marriage. Both must struggle to create new lives even as their old lives keep threatening to pull them back.

BLUE EYED GIRL // FEATURE // romantic drama // in development

A charismatic businessman caught in a love triangle must choose between the woman he loves and the woman who will save his business.

L.E.O.N. // FEATURE // romantic drama // in development

A casual affair between a young model and a married business man turns into an intimate and dangerous connection that may implode if they do resist their temptations.

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