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Love at First Night

wgaw# 1884058

Log Line:

A young woman has a tragic affair with her best friend's dashing but emotionally crippled male cousin.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature (Inspired by true events)
Genre: Romance/Drama
Length: 110 page

Screenplay Synopsis

CLAUDIA LEONA, mid 20s, a stunner and savvy, is persuaded by her best friend REGINA CONTE, late 20s, affable, average looking with slight buck teeth, to help out with her “tight-ass cousin” TONY COURRE, 30s, not too handsome but extremely sexy, who is visiting for the weekend. Claudia unwillingly agrees.


At a welcome dinner we notice friction due to their clashing social and political views. In the next two days we see Tony become captivated by Claudia’s nonchalant ways, and after a heated salsa dance, their chemistry is evident. Tony, disconcerted, bolts out of the club leaving Claudia stranded on the dance floor.


The weekend culminates in the last evening where Claudia is reciting Love Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda and Tony intercepts by finishing it off for her. They have a moment. In the moment, he proposes, and she accepts. The romance blossoms and he takes her to meet his family and friends. Rita, his ex-girlfriend, is consumed with jealousy and intimidates Claudia.


As the wedding approaches, there is a progressive change in Tony’s demeanor, who starts to become more distant. One evening, Tony has a full blown-out anxiety attack. He visits his therapist and we learn he has PTSD caused by­­­ an incident on his first wedding where his wife got shot and died in his arms, still in her wedding gown. He confides in Claudia who struggles to accept that she is the last to know, enhancing the cracks in the relationship.


At a party, Rita, drunk, corners Tony and kisses him just as Claudia is coming. From Claudia’s point of view, it seems that Tony kissed Rita. They have a huge fight with Claudia accusing Tony of still having feelings for Rita. Already on edge and stressed out he switches on defensive mode, closes himself, and calls off the wedding.


After a couple of weeks, Claudia storms into Tony’s office, giving him an ultimatum, if he does not decide what he wants, she will marry the first guy that comes along. On the way home, she drowns her sorrow at a bar where she meets Gerard. They begin a relationship and he proposes. She accepts for all the wrong reasons.


Everyone tries to persuade Tony to stop the wedding. Although heartbroken, he just can’t, it’s stronger than him.


Claudia gets married and Tony breaks down.

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