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SEMI-FINALIST - Filmmatic Drama Screenpl
SEMI-FINALIST - Evolution Mallorca Inter
SEMI-FINALIST - Burning Love Screenplay
Semifinalist - Inroads Fellowship - 2019
QUARTER FINALIST - New York City Interna
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Venus Italian Inter
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Oaxaca FilmFest - 2022.png


Here you will find an overview of my work with log lines and synopsis to all my scripts.

If you would like to request the screenplay/pilot or have any questions, comments or suggestion, you can email me at:


OFFICIAL SELECTION - American Screenwrit
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Frances Bell Film Screenwriting Competition - 2021.png

With a degree in Business Administration/Finance, I had a long career in communications and advertising before realizing my true passion is writing. Today I am a full-time screenwriter and my screenplays have placed in top screenwriting competitions. I have secured two Options and a Shopping Agreement, along with being commissioned as a 'work-for-hire' writer for both a feature and a short script by a prominent US production company.


Presently, I am in the process of developing a feature screenplay as a ghostwriter for a client based in the US. I also provide Script Consultancy, lending my insights and expertise to fellow writers.


I was born in Brazil and raised abroad by diplomat parents. This experience has equipped me with a broad perspective of the world's diverse cultures, which has had a significant influence on my writing.


I was selected to participate in the three-week Nostos Screenwriters Retreat in Italy, 2019, organized by writer and filmmaker, Nora Jaenicke and mentored by Irish screenwriter, filmmaker, and playwright Bryan Delaney.


As a teenager, I starred in LAND OF SUNSHINE alongside the amazing Ms. Carol Sutton. "LAND OF SUNSHINE" is a WYES, New Orleans, LA, USA, production that aired in 1983.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Scriptify - 2022.png
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