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TV Screenplay


CRIMINAL CHASE // PILOT //  tv series // one hour legal crime thriller
WGAW 2088051

Criminal Defense Attorney Jordan Chase’s life obsession is to find the culprit of her father’s incarceration and death before the police’s investigation into her stalker exposes the missing bodies - and her sanity.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Oaxaca FilmFest - 2022.png

LETTER OF CREDENCE // PILOT // tv series // one hour espionage thriller
WGAW 2259429

A SUNS operative is assigned as a diplomat to a covert operation in the Middle East after the organization learns of T6, an alliance of six extremist groups that plan an imminent terrorist attack to the Western world.

THE HARDINGS // PILOT //  tv series // one hour police drama

WGAW 2103890

When their TV show ends, the on-camera cop partners and best friends seek new paths at the police academy, confronting the harsh realities of policing. Ethical dilemmas drive them to opposing sides of police corruption, turning friends into adversaries in a gripping hunt for each other.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Oaxaca FilmFest - 2022.png

TREBBON // PILOT //  tv series // one hour drama, music
WGAW 2104386

In the city's elite nightclub, a top-model's love for the Disco's owner sparks a captivating tale of passion, dreams, and tribulations among society's eccentric clientele, revealing a subculture that goes beyond dancing and hedonism.

GLORY // PILOT // tv limited series // one hour historical drama
WGAW 2341897

Headstrong Glory, promised to a Duke, flees and is kidnapped by pirates. Drawn to the charming Captain, she falls for him, only to discover devastating secrets that shatter her dreams of love.

RED COLLAR // PILOT //  tv series // one hour episodic crime drama
WGAW 2104412

In a world of non-violent white-collar crime, a new breed emerges – ruthless, brutal, and cunning. The FBI's Red Collar Squad must stop these dangerous narcissists and psychopaths from evading justice.



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