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Blue Eyed Girl

wgaw# 1961721

Log Line:
A charismatic businessman caught in a love triangle must choose between the woman he loves and the woman who will save his business.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Romance/Drama
Length: 115 page

Screenplay Synopsis

OLIVER JONES, early 30s, is the charming and sexy owner of the most exclusive night club in Town. He has been trying to win over top model TANDI BELLO’s, early 20s, attention for a while now. Tandi rebuts every advance.


Oliver manages a PR scheme in which Tandi is invited to a resort island launch. At the departure gate, Tandi stumbles into Oliver, realizing it is a set up. During the course of the weekend, Oliver manages to get under Tandi’s skin and is a step closer to conquering her. But he is unable to pursue her further as he learns that he is wanted by the authorities for liquor contraband. He escapes the island by canoe and goes into hiding.


Whilst hiding at his best friend, HUGH WILD, Oliver sends for Tandi. He will not take no for an answer. A sucker for adventures, Tandi finally accepts his advances and goes to meet him in hiding.


His lawyers manage to keep him out of jail and they start a relationship where he ends up proposing. Tandi accepts on the condition that it is made public only after she finishes her contract with her modeling agency in New York in 3 months. They maintain a long distant relationship, until one day Tandi reads news of Oliver’s new relationship with top country signer ROSE SNIDE, a plain woman with heavy country accent and no social grace. Not one to believe the tabloids, she consults CELIA WILD, her friend, Hugh's wife, who confirms it, but reassures Tandi it is for publicity only. Tandi is having none of this. Embarrassed, humiliated and feeling betrayed, Tandi promises to not show an ounce of hurt to the public, as this is exactly what the paparazzi want, more gossip for their tabloids.


Back home, Tandi is heartbroken and refuses to take Oliver’s call. The more she attempts to maintain her composure and public image, the more she spirals in to a depression privately. Oliver feels stuck as his business needs the publicity his relationship with Rose provides. He also struggles privately, escaping to drinking and drugs, a constant in his circles. Rose, cunning and savvy, understands that this relationship with Oliver is a step up for her in society and will do anything to maintain keep it by playing the ingenuous and naïve country girl, instigating the public image of the ‘rags to riches/Cinderella’ story.


To top up their personal struggles, the blood thirst high society, who thrive in their suffering, wants more and more intrigue and gossip. Tandi refuses to let anyone see her self-pity and maintains her head high deflecting every nasty, mean and disgusting attempts by the bourgeois to bring her down.


In one last attempt of redemption, Oliver reaffirms his love and willingness to cancel everything if only she would have him back. After all she has been through, Tandi turns him down. Inconsolable and feeling likes he is in too deep to back down, Oliver ends up marrying Rose.

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